The North West Regional Forum was established in the summer or 2015 as one of the eight regions proposed by England Squash


Cheshire, Cumbria, Lancashire and Merseyside make up the North West Group.

The aims of the Forum is to:


  1. Increase participation Squash and Racketball in the counties of Cheshire, Cumbria, Lancashire and Merseyside for both Juniors and Seniors and sustain it.
  2. Be an advocate for the counties individually and jointly to the Governing body, England Squash and Racketball
  3. Be a channel of communication from England Squash to each of the counties and their clubs.

NWRF officers and representatives

Chair: Jim Foggitt (Merseyside)

Secretary: Alan Batchelor

Treasurer: Mark Murray

Cheshire: Alan Batchelor

Lancashire: Bernie Gill

Cumbria: Tom Armstrong


Who's who is the NWRF?

County Chair.

Alan Batchelor: Cheshire

Tom Armstrong: Cumbria

Bernie Gill: Lancashire

Roger Kenyon: Merseyside



Peter Billson: Cheshire

Jim Foggitt; Merseyside

Andy Breen: Merseyside


Alan Batchelor: Cheshire

Frequently asked questions:


My child enjoys squash and wants to improve. How can this be done?


There are a number of steps to progress.

Play Regularly.

Train regularly.

Attend coaching sessions at your local club or school.

Consider individual lessons with a qualified coach.

Enter local, club and county competitions.


Where can I find information about squash in my area?


Your county website should have details about clubs near to you and your local club may also have a website.. There will be a link to it on your county website.


Visit the club and meet the people there. If the club does not have a junior section another nearby club may well do so.


Contact us at the NWRF and we will put you in touch with local clubs and coaches.


I want to play for my county. What do I have to do?


Each county will have a slightly different method of selecting players. You should first of all make sure that the county coach knows you exist. Send the county coach an email telling him/her about yourself.


Enter the county Junior Championships.


Enter any graded tournaments that the county is running. If you are keen and show promise and commitment the coach will invite you to county training sessions.


Don't listen to anyone who tells you that you are not good enough to play for your county.